What makes it unique?

Ovinto Sat Monitoring Services offer a unique solution as a result of a unique combination of proven technologies.

Worldwide coverage with LEO (Low Earth Orbit)

Ovinto® provides a global coverage by using the Globalstar Low Earth Orbit satellite network. 
This satellite constellation has more than 50 communication satellites in orbit assuring a connection  regardless the location on the globe.

Extreme conditions

Ovinto®’s proprietary monitoring equipment is  designed to continue where other systems stop. 
This highly ruggedized system is designed for duty regardless the weather conditions,
extreme  temperatures, heavy shocks…

Battery autonomy up to 8 years

Ovinto®’s monitoring device doesn’t need any external power supply ! Measure, monitor, control and
steer your critical processes or data for years on its own internal power supply. A theoretical battery  autonomy up to 22 years can be offered.

Highest  ATEX approval zone 1

Ovinto Sat offers monitoring services in direct contact with the most explosive existing surroundings.
The in house designed Ovinto Sat system is  approved up to the highest ATEX explosion safety level
allowing its functionality in zone 1 in direct contact with acetylene and hydrogen (category IIC) up to 85°C.

Encryption of your critical data

Ovinto Sat Monitoring Services encrypt your measured data (e.g. counters, temperatures, values…) in the standard data packages of the satellite  network/provider which offers the possibility to be informed with every standard satellite message.