Testimonial Rail Service Net


One of the Ovinto Sat units has been mounted, since 4 years now, on a ‘container-carry’ railwagon that is active on a daily Belgium – Italy trajectory. It is mounted without protection and functions in the most extreme and constantly changing weather conditions.


Until today it is the only ‘stand alone ‘device that continues to work, even when covered by snow and/or ice during winter trajectories across the Swiss Alps.


Not only has it been exposed to shocks during the loading and unloading of the containers, but it also survived with flying colors a crash during a collision of 2 trains where the wagon derailed and got severely damaged.


The wagon had to be moved to a workshop for repair and until today the Ovinto Sat Unit on it is still reporting daily pending the reactivation of the wagon on the Trans – Alp corridor.


Thanks to the historical data, a lifetime track record of a wagon can be created and kept. This system has more than expected proven its robustness, reliability and functionality. During the complete lifetime of the battery no maintenance or caretaking is needed at all.