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Ovinto was founded in 2010 with a focus to track & monitor extremely hazardous goods in unpowered assets such as rail cars and tank containers. 


The very first customer was INEOS Oxide in Antwerp where Ovinto was able to equip the complete fleet of ethylene oxide rail tank cars with a proprietary satellite based, highest ATEX certified, monitoring and telemetry technology to enable a permanent visualization and control over their fleet.

All hardware and software developments were continuously performed in house and as from 2013 a close collaboration with the European Space Agency was setup to demonstrate the benefits of using space technology in a non-space sector such as the rail & intermodal freight industry.

Steadily other chemical industries started to tryout and use the Ovinto technology such as Evonik Industries, Sabic Petrochemicals, LyondellBasell e.a. Out of the collaboration with its customers Ovinto learned that a focus on sensors is not enough, the collected data should be enriched, processed and integrated in the back office platforms of the customers to create real value in optimizing the complete supply chain when it comes to rail & intermodal freight.

To enable this, Ovinto has developed a very powerful big data & predictive analytics platform that since 2018 also is integrated in the SAP Cloud Platform, deploying the performance of the SAP HANA database to guarantee a seamless integration with existing SAP components when this would be needed.

The goal at Ovinto is to put the focus on the customer when it comes to rail & intermodal freight, to take his 'train pains' away and to increase his customer satisfaction. We want to do this being a complementary, add-on tool supporting the existing software of our customers.


Bringing more transparency, efficiency and capacity in an automated and controlled way to your customers is what it is all about.

The team

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