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Immediate, measurable
increase in customer satisfaction

Ovinto is an Add On SaaS platform, filling the gaps for your existing software infrastructure for

rail & intermodal freight.


Personal operational environment

Access all relevant rail freight data in a single tool

Personal operational environment

  • Operational platform to eliminate manual work

  • Connected to all your master systems in the background

  • Validates every step before it is returned to the master systems

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Real-Time Management Control Tower

Monitor operations performance in real-time

  • Monitor the KPI’s of your choice

  • Boost your overall railfreight efficiency

  • Increase freight capacity with your existing rolling stock

Automated Customer & Third Party Services

Drive customer satisfaction with data

  • Automated and validated collaboration with customers and third parties

  • Eliminate human errors and delays

  • Maintain full control of your data and access to it.

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Ovinto is an add-on service to your existing platforms. Even though it comes with its own web application, Ovinto can work as a background process, analyzing and preparing data for your preferred dashboarding tool (Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, SAP Cloud Analytics, Qliq…)

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