Project SaMoLoSa

Demonstrating a monitoring service for critical parameters during transports carrying hazardous goods in unpowered transport assets such as rail tank cars and intermodal tank containers. After identifying stakeholder needs, the monitoring device is configured for the required parameters and a software platform is developed to provide an answer to these specific needs.
The collected data of the assets whereabouts and vital parameter status provides large amounts of information that can be exploited for optimising business logistics and identifying areas for improvement in the supply chain, both in historic analysis and in real time.
Another goal of the project is the reduction of risk, so an automated risk analysis tool is developed to assess the risk per trajectory as well as a digitized EU railmap.
Next to all of the above, the SaMoLoSa project aims to offer a new commercial model towards the different stakeholders, minimizing the ‘entry barrier’ and costs regarding these monitoring services while maximizing their return and profit for all implied stakeholders.

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